Organic Seeds Vegetables Variety Pack Canada

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15 Heirloom, Non GMO, (900+) Organic Vegetable Seeds for Planting Indoor/Outdoor Vegetable Garden in Canada
◆ GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Seeds are living organisms and require air to breathe, which is why we package our quality seeds using enviro-friendly, recyclable materials. Our seeds are packaged in paper envelopes inside a 100% recyclable kraft pillow box.  Other seed suppliers use plastic bags, mylar (non recyclable), or cellophane, all of which are not only bad for the environment but also suffocates the seed, potentially affecting germination rates and plant quality.
◆ EASY COMPANION PLANTING - Planting different plants close to each other can enhance each other's growth & protect each other from pests. We believe in the ancient Three Sisters method of gardening and have provided color coded seed packets and how to guide to eliminate the guesswork for you, allowing you to grow the healthiest, pest free, high yielding garden this season.
◆ CERTIFIED ORGANIC – A truly organic vegetable must begin with an organic seed, grown in organic matter/soil, without the use of pesticides or chemicals. All of our quality seeds are sourced from reputable, Certified Organic, Canadian, Growers, Farmers, and Seed Suppliers. This information can be found on each seed packet providing you peace of mind knowing where your seed is sourced and giving you the opportunity to supply your family with the healthiest & safest food source available.
◆ INSTRUCTIONS – Whether you are a beginner gardener or an advanced farmer, we provide the information necessary to get your vegetable garden off to a successful start. From seed depth, seed spacing, germination, container size, and how to grow tips, you are sure to find our Planting Guide informative and useful.
◆ LOTS OF SEEDS – At Planted North, we have researched and calculated the number of plants required to adequately feed a family of two adults for each of our 15 varieties. Our Vegetable Variety Pack contains 3 times the amount of seeds needed, ensuring you will have plenty of seeds to provide an ample, organic, food supply for you and your family for this season and many more to come.


Product description

Name: Vegetable Varieties 15


At Planted North we believe that a truly Organic Lifestyle begins with just one seed.  We want Canadians from Coast to Coast to not only understand and appreciate the importance and satisfaction obtained by providing natural food for their families, but to also take comfort and pride knowing that their backyard or balcony is the perfect source to a healthy, sustainable food supply.

Our Vegetable Variety Pack contains a diverse selection of carefully selected, quality seeds.  Canadian Agriculture provides the roots to which our lives depend and we must protect this foundation as a safe and stable source for future generations.

Package Includes:

  • Eggplant - Black Beauty Organic (12 seeds)
  • Spinach - Renegade Hybrid Organic (90 seeds)
  • Pepper - Cal Wonder Yarden Organic (18 seeds)
  • Sunflower - Organic Peredovik (6 seeds)
  • Pole Bean - Blue Lake Pole Organic (48 seeds)
  • Corn - Sunnyvee Sweet Organic (72 seeds)
  • Carrots - Organic Nantes (180 seeds)
  • Beets - Detroit Dark Organic (60 seeds)
  • Onion - Walla Walla Organic (120 seeds)
  • Cucumber - Organic Marketmore (36 seeds)
  • Lettuce - Organic Grand Rapids Lettuce (60 seeds)
  • Radish - Cherry Belle Organic (90 seeds)
  • Kale - Nash's Green Organic (30 seeds)
  • Celery - Organic Tall Utah (30 seeds)
  • Leeks - Giant Musselburg Organic (90 seeds)