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As a sewing and embroidery company, having access to a large variety of quality fabric is critical to the business and crucial for the success of each and every sewing project.  Wanna know where we get our inspiration and cool fabrics from?  Here is a list of our Top 3 Places to Shop for Fabrics.

1. Spoonflower

Although this company is located in the US, their fabrics are definitely worth the long delivery times and shipping fees.  With the largest selection of unique, one of a kind fabrics we have come across, they offer a massive selection of intriguing prints.  Pair that with the fact that they also have the ability to print all their designs on a wide selection of fabric types, your options are endless.  From organic cotton to cotton twill, and thousands of designs to choose from, you are sure to find a fabric to suit any sewing project need.  We literally spend hours on their site searching for that perfect fabric for our clients and projects.  On top of that, they also have a fun, interactive website that allows you to design your own fabric.  Like we said, your options are endless with Spoonflower.  Thank you Spoonflower for your extensive selection and awesome variety.

2. Fabricville

A lot more local, with less exchange rate issues and faster delivery times, Fabricville is the online shop to fabric retailer Fabricland.  While we have purchased from several Fabricland locations as well as their online shops, their quality and selection is fantastic.  Fabricland has a nice variety of prints and fabric types.  Their website is fun to shop and the best part is that they often have items on sale.  Fabricville is great at hosting regular sales events, which obviously keeps us coming back for more. Lots of fabric sales equals a lots of happy sewists.  Thank you Fabricville for your great selection and frequent sales.

3. Len's Mills Stores

Although not as popular, with few retail locations and no online presence, this store still makes the list for their affordability and selection.  Len's Mills may not be as fancy to shop at as Fabricland, but it still offers a wide selection of Fabrics, just as good if not better.  Their discount prices and quality fabric are excellent for many sewing projects.  Pair that with the fact that they also have a large variety of other crafty and household items from beads and ribbons to socks and bath soap, you are sure to find something worthwhile at this outlet store.  Thank you Len's Mills for your fantastic selection and discount prices.


These are just some of Our Places to Shop for Fabrics.  They Top the List as they are our most frequented places to shop for the features we have mentioned above.  Be sure to check back with us often as we are constantly updating our site with new and fun handmade items.

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