Victory Gardens are Back!

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe, Millions have turned to Gardening not only for a healthy, reliable food supply but also as a means to boost mood and alleviate worries during times of crisis.

Our desire to grow plants, especially fruits and vegetables during a relentless pandemic is a significant movement in garden history. The benefits associated with starting and harvesting your very own "pandemic garden" or "victory garden" are bountiful and we encourage everyone to plant a seed today.

Big or small, city or suburb, balcony or backyard, anyone and everyone can find satisfaction doing something active to help feed themselves and their loved ones. Gardening at any level adds simple beauty to your surroundings, provides assistance to natures delicate ecosystem and creates peace and calm during times of anxiety and uncertainty.

Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed

At Planted North we care about the world we live in. The seemingly small act of feeding wild birds can have an immeasurable impact on your local ecosystem. Bird feeding is not just a fun past time or hobby but it also provides many benefits to nature and wildlife.